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Thursday, April 07, 2005

National Society of Scrabble Rejects aka N.S.S.R.

For the longest time, I thought I was getting spammed…. But after careful consideration, I’ve concluded, as I’m sure you have that spammers are just lonely scrabble rejects trying to communicate….. and we should help them…..

For example look at the following subject lines;

“sale, name-brand sotfware” now even I can guess that he really meant was awfulware but he spells like he sounds it. … so he needs practice..

“Hi trhee!” See here’s another one…. Of course trees are hi… Dah

“OEM sfotware ofrfes are really great” – Some just never did try very hard in school…..

“Nice Psrotitute waiting for you.” Hey dummy, it’s prosciutto and your mother is waiting for you to get off the neighbors computer and get home for super…..

“Microfost sotck oem sfot sohp” Microfrost Ummmm maybe this is one of those ‘new original’ ice cream shops….

“Me.diccations/1RTJ-IUU99” At last I’m stumped ! Maybe it’s a secret message from his Trix decoder ring…. ????

Very very funny!! Your a regular comedian. I think Microfrost is what your computer does when a MicroSoft program freezes it up!!
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